Q1: Where can I find your catalog/pricing?

A: You can contact jamessu@dinhuey.com, and we will send you the Catalog and pricing.

Q2: What material is the product plated?

A: All our products are electroplated with real gold, mainly Palladium and Rhodium. We can also provide various plating options based on customer requirements.

Q3: Will the jewelry fade?

A: Copper products last 1-3 years without fading; stainless steel and silver products won't fade for 5 years. Proper maintenance is essential to preserve the finish.

Q4: Will your CZ stones fall out?

A: No, our high-quality 5A Zircon Stones and secure 4 prong settings ensure stones won't fall out.

Q5: Can your products be custom designed?

A: We offer customized designs with varying lead times based on complexity and quantity.

Q6: How long does it take for sample production?

A: Sample production time depends on design complexity. Minor modifications take a week, while complex designs with mold creation require about a month.

Q7: Can my logo be engraved on the product?

A: Yes, we offer various logo engraving options, including welding, engraving, and lasering, with costs and processes tailored to your needs.

Q8: Can you provide brand packaging design?

A8: Yes, we offer customizable design services for jewelry boxes, packaging bags, warranty cards, and more.

Q9: Does items in stock?

A: Yes, 98% of our products are in stock, ensuring fast shipping. Delivery times vary by shipping method and location.

Q10: What should I do If I have more questions?

A: If you have further questions, feel free to contact us anytime at jamessu@dinhuey.com.

Q11: Which shipment methods do you use? how long will it take to my country?

A: We use various shipping methods depending on product quantity and delivery address. Delivery times vary. You can check our shipping info.

Q12: Could you provide image package?

A: Yes, you can contact jamessu@dinhuey.com to get access to the image package.